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1.1.  These Privacy Rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) establish the procedure for receiving, storing, processing, using and disclosing personal (personal and contact data of users of the services of the goptint.in.ua website. These Rules apply to any services and services provided by the Contractor  through the web site goptint.in.ua.

1.2.  These Rules are an integral part of the user Agreement of the web site goptint.in.ua.  The terms used in these Rules are similar to the terms that are used in the main text of the User Agreement.

1.3.  By using the web site goptint.in.ua as well as the services and services provided by the Contractor, the User agrees with these Rules.  If the User refuses to comply with these Rules, he is obliged to stop using the services of the web site goptint.in.ua.

1.4.  Personal data of Users during registration, posting, receiving and transmitting information in the service of the web site goptint.in.ua is received by GO PRINT LLC (EDRPOU Code 43347367; address: Kiev, Kazimira Malevicha St., 86p).

1.5.  The Contractor processes the personal data of Users exclusively within the framework of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data" and the Convention on the Protection of Persons in Connection with Automated Processing of Personal Data.   This privacy policy has been developed in accordance with the provisions of these documents.


2.1.  In order to provide Users with access to the service of the web site goptint.in.ua, the proper use of its functionality, the Contractor receives the following information from the Users:

2.1.1 mandatory information that is required when registering to receive the services of the site goptint.in.ua, such as: name and surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number and password.  All of these fields are required.  The Contractor will not be able to provide services using the goptint.in.ua web site if the User does not provide such information, and, as a result, the User will not be able to create a user account on the goptint.in.ua web site.

2.1.2 a photo of the User;

2.1.3 location (location) of the User;

2.1.4 User's IP address for logging the User's activity;

2.1.5 Cookies to identify the User's browser and provide services that depend on it;

2.1.6 information about the behavior of the User of the site, including in the case of the User posting information of a harmful and offensive nature, and the like;

2.1.7 responses of Users to any polls or questionnaires for a sample: reviews of the site's services, and the like.  Such information can be used for analytical purposes and to understand the interests of the User.

2.1.8 records of any correspondence with the Contractor;

2.1.9 information that the Contractor may request from the User when the latter reports technical problems on the web site goprint.in.ua, for example, information about the subject of the User's request to the support service;

2.2.  All information is collected "as is" and is not changed by the Contractor in the process of collecting data.

2.3.  By registering the site goprint.in.ua or logging into the site using the authentication services of social networks, the User gives the Contractor consent to the collection and processing of information that is available from the relevant profiles on social networks, as well as the publication in the relevant social networks of information about the User's actions on  site.

2.4.  When the Users contact the service department of the site goprint.in.ua, the Contractor may collect personal information necessary to fulfill the User's request and receive feedback.  The Contractor can contact the User using the existing account contact information provided for this purpose.

2.5.  Using the services and tools on the site goprint.in.ua, the User gives his consent to the Contractor to process his personal data, such as the username;  region of residence, email address, contact phone number, other contact information and at the request of the user;  ip-addresses, other communication data of users;  message, letters, statements transmitted to the user by other users and vice versa, and also gives his consent to the transfer of his personal data to third parties.


3.1.  The information that is collected from Users is used to:

3.1.1 fulfillment of obligations arising from the User Agreement of the web site goprint.in.ua, as well as for the purpose of providing the Users with information and services for which they turned to the Contractor;

3.1.2 transfer to Users of information related to the use of the web site goprint.in.ua;

3.1.3 ensuring the personalization of the User's account;

3.1.4 receiving payments from the User and / or transferring payments in favor of the Users;

3.1.5 ensuring communication and interaction of Users with each other;

3.1.6 sending advertising materials and information to Users in order to facilitate the provision of services and to offer and recommend to Users goods and services that are related to the services provided by the Contractor and may interest users of the web site goprint.in.ua;

3.1.7 informing Users about changes in the service of the web site goprint.in.ua.

3.1.8 administration of the site goprint.in.ua and for internal activities, including for identifying and eliminating deficiencies, data analysis, testing, as well as for research, for analytical purposes and for conducting a survey;

3.1.9 ensuring compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, the provisions of the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy.  Certain violations that the Contractor considers unacceptable may lead to the temporary termination of the User's access to the account, as established by the User Agreement.

3.2.  As part of the activities of the site goprint.in.ua, the Contractor has the right to post information about the User, including personal and contact information, necessary to conclude transactions between Users, to send messages and communicate between users, make payments, and the like.

3.3.  Users are responsible for all information posted by them on the web site goprint.in.ua.  The user must carefully understand all the risks associated with the fact that he publishes an address or personal information.

3.4.  The Contractor stores the User's personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, including to fulfill any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements.

3.5.  To determine the appropriate storage period, the Contractor takes into account the volume, nature of personal data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of personal data, the purposes for which the Contractor processes personal data, as well as whether the Contractor can achieve these goals using other means, and the relevant legal   requirements.


4.1.  Disclosure of personal data without the consent of the User or a person authorized by him is allowed in cases determined by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic well-being and human rights, in particular, but not exclusively at reasonable requests from state bodies that have the right to submit applications and receive such data.

4.2.  The Contractor can provide personal data of users to requests from competent authorities, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of current legislation, including in accordance with Art.  93 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine

4.3.  According to the Privacy Policy, the Contractor undertakes not to rent or sell any personal data of the User.  In the event that the Contractor's business or part of this business is sold or reorganized, and the Contractor transfers all or part of its assets to a new owner, then the personal data of the Users may be transferred to the buyer to ensure the continuity of the Mobile Application service.

4.4.  The Contractor has the right to transfer certain anonymized information (data that does not allow the identification of Users separately) to third-party service providers, trusted partners in order to better understand which advertising or services may interest Users, improve the overall quality and efficiency of services on the goprint.in.ua web site.


5.1.  Users at any time can change / delete personal information or unsubscribe from mailing, for which it is enough to use the settings of their personal account.  The work of the site in terms of providing services to the User may be suspended from the moment the User's information is changed / deleted.

5.2.  Sufficient notification of the User about the deletion or other processing of personal data will be a letter (information) sent to the email specified by the User.


6.1.  The Contractor has the right to update this Privacy Policy.   The new edition of the Privacy Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the web site goprint.in.ua.

6.2.  Users undertake to periodically review these conditions in order to be informed about how the Contractor protects information about Users on the web site goprint.in.ua.

6.3.  If the Contractor made any changes to the Privacy Policy with which the User does not agree, he is obliged to stop using the services on the web site goprint.in.ua.

6.4.  The fact of continuing to use the services is a confirmation of the consent and acceptance by the User of the corresponding edition of the Privacy Policy.

6.5.  The Contractor is not responsible for damage or losses incurred by the User or third parties as a result of an erroneous understanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Privacy Policy, instructions or instructions on how to use the services on the goprint.in.ua web site, regarding the procedure for posting data and other technical issues.


7.1.  In the event that any provision of this Privacy Policy, including any proposal, clause or part thereof, is found to be contrary to the law, or invalid, then other provisions that are not contrary to the law remain in force and are valid, and any invalid provision or provision  that cannot be performed is considered modified, corrected to the extent necessary to ensure its validity and the possibility of implementation.

7.2.  The user has the rights provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data".

7.3.  This Privacy Policy applies to the User from the moment when, during registration on the site goprint.in.ua, he transferred his personal data and is valid as long as any information about the User is stored on the site.

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